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Unlike the Gulf of Aden, where US and European navy ships patrol to defend commercial shipping against Somali piracy, the Gulf of Guinea has precious little in the way of foreign naval assets.  Stretching from Guinea on Africa’s northwestern tip down to Angola in the south, the Gulf of Guinea spans a dozen countries and is a growing source of oil, cocoa and metals to the world’s markets.


While piracy has yet to hit levels seen off Somalia’s coast, analysts say pirates have spotted a window of opportunity with weak local maritime security structures and a rough coastline, which offers natural hideouts from which to mount attacks.

The Gulf of Guinea is now second to Somalia in terms of piracy attacks in the world. The Gulf of Guinea is already home to insurgency in the Niger Delta where they routinely attack oil facilities.  Recent statistics have proved that attacks by gunmen operating in the mangrove-lined creeks of Nigeria's Niger Delta have slashed Nigeria's oil output by at least 20 percent and, according to specialists, driven the annual cost of oil services-related security there to US$3.5 billion.

60 percent of vessels that are attacked in the Gulf of Guinea do not report them to the authorities, moreover, the fact that a distress call will not elicit a rescue by a Western warship is seen to dissuade many ship owners from reporting an attack, fearing the unwanted side-effect of seeing their insurance premiums rise.

OPS can provide Armed security teams at the following ports:


  • Togo (Lome)
  • Nigeria (Lagos, Warri, Bonny and Port Harcourt)
  • Benin (Cotonou)


OPS can provide Unarmed security teams at the following ports:

  • Senegal (Dakar)
  • Cote D'ivoire (Abidjan)
  • Ghana (Tema and Accra)
  • Namibia (Walvis Bay)
  • Sao Tome




Our specialist security consultants have worked in piracy-infested waters all over the globe from the Malacca straits, Gulf of Guinea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and the South China Seas.  The presence of an experienced un-armed security team makes a valuable difference to the morale and confidence of the crew and also the difference between vessels being hijacked or attacks thwarted.  Besides having no firearms on board there are a number of sophisticated, successful and proven methods that our consultants will utilise to harden and defend the vessel from unwanted attention.


Please contact us if you require further information on our services.  All communication is treated in the strictest confidence.